The following options are recommended during your stay. Select hotel profiles are provided below.

Hotel Information

Note: Hotels marked in green have suites with separate bedrooms and shared living room, kitchen, and laundry facilities.

The Westin Hotel

  • Connected to Shaw Centre
  • 4 star hotel with 467 rooms

Westin Hotel

The Marriott Hotel

  • 4 star hotel, 29 floors, 481 rooms, and 8 suites
  • Offer a lunch room with an incredible 360 degree view of the city
  • Convenient onsite amenities including "spin" Kitchen & Bar, fitness facility and heated indoor pool

The Marriott Hotel

The Fairmont Château Laurier

  • 5 star hotel
  • 426 guestrooms and 33 luxury suites

The Fairmont Château Laurier

Les Suites Hotel Ottawa

  • 3.5 star hotel with 239 rooms on 22 floors
  • Suites include kitchen, bathroom, separate bedrooms, workspace, living room

Les Suites Hotel Ottawa

The University of Ottawa Student Dormitories

  • Located in downtown Ottawa and has several different configurations for living space
  • More affordable alternative to a hotel

The University of Ottawa Student Dormitories
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