Oral Presentations

Please note that 25 minutes are allocated for each oral presentation including 5 minutes for discussion.

The corresponding time for each State-of-the-Art presentation is 55 minutes including 10 minutes for discussion.

Make sure to go to your session room well before the session starts to meet your session chair and the other speakers.

Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB flash drive to the room. Your presentation will be uploaded to a conference computer in the session room. It is not allowed to use your own computer for your presentation.

There will be a technician available in the Conference Hall and a helping volunteer in all the session rooms.

Please hand in your presentation to the technician/volunteer at the latest during the break before your session starts.

Pre-view room

There will be opportunities for you to test your presentation in a preview room at the venue. Please note that only 1 computer will be available in the room.
We recommend that you do your test well in advance before your session to ensure that the presentation works as it should. The room will be open during the breaks.

Computers and Technical assistance

Computers on site will be PC's. Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT). MAC users must export their presentation as an MS PowerPoint file or save as pdf file. Presentations prepared in LaTeX should be saved as a pdf file.

To avoid any problems with your presentation please make sure that it fulfils the necessary requirements for the following software:

MS Office 2016 or later version (PowerPoint)
Windows Media Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Presentation format

Make sure that the text and figures on your slides can be read also from the back of the session room. Limit the amount of information on each slide.

The standard format of the projectors in the conference rooms is 16:9 (widescreen).

The default slide size in PowerPoint 2016 is widescreen (16:9). For earlier versions of PowerPoint, it might be necessary to manually change this. Change the slide size from standard (4:3) to widescreen (16:9).

Poster Presentations

Posters will be presented in parallel sessions on Tuesday after lunch. Each poster is allocated 3 minutes for oral presentation. Limit the number of slides to maximum 4 (including the title slide). There will be no time for discussion during this part of the session. After all the posters have been presented, the delegates are invited to your poster where you present and discuss your poster.

Mounting material will be provided by the Congress staff and each poster location will be marked by your paper ID. Posters should be mounted by 08:30 on Tuesday at the latest and should be dismounted by 15:30 on Thursday at the earliest.

Poster measurements

The poster size is 900 mm x 1200 mm (width x height). Please note that there is not enough space for posters bigger than the stated size or posters in landscape format. Bring your poster to the symposium. There will be no opportunity to print posters at the venue. No audio-visual equipment is allowed at the posters.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to [email protected]

Conference Questions

If you have any questions or further inquiries, please kindly contact:

Email: [email protected]
Virginia Tech
Carleton University
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