IAVSD 2023 cares about sustainability!

As an organizer, IAVSD2023 is dedicated to planning the conference around minimizing the impact on environment and climate. However, a conference of this size always affects the environment due to the amount of people participating in the conference, e.g. through the increased travel, food and waste.


Ottawa, which has a large land area and a variety of natural spaces, has already established itself as a "green" city. The Climate Change Master Plan is the City's overarching framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and responding to climate change's current and future effects.

The goal of the plan is to take unprecedented collective action to transform Ottawa into a clean, renewable, and resilient city by 2050. The City Council has set short-, medium-, and long-term greenhouse gas reduction goals based on 2012 levels:

  • Reduce emissions from the community by:
    • 43 per cent by 2025
    • 68 per cent by 2030
    • 96 per cent by 2040
    • 100 per cent by 2050

  • Reduce emissions from City operations by:
    • 30 per cent by 2025
    • 50 per cent by 2030
    • 100 per cent by 2040

Conference Questions

If you have any questions or further inquiries, please kindly contact:

Email: [email protected]
Virginia Tech
Carleton University
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